A Brief History Of Ulul Albab Islamic Boarding School

Along with the need for educational institutions that are able to accommodate all the demands for regeneration, and the regeneration of the good of the nation, in order to stem the era of modernization and globalization inevitably lead to moral decadence, etc. Then in 1995 founded the one by the Islamic Education Foundation Al Atsar an educational institution named Ulul Albab Islamic Boarding School,  with Kulliyatul Mu’allimin Al Islamiyah (KMI) is located at Jalan Pulau Sebesi No. 38 Sukarame Bandar Lampung.ulul alab-foto ujian

Alhamdulillah, thanks to the moral and material support of all Muslims after we get donated land area of 4 hectares which is located in the village Banjaragung South Lampung . District of Jatiagung South Lampung regency then we get up locally – new local and ultimately to meet the standardization of the quality of education and training, in 2002 we move Ulul Albab Islamic Boarding School to the donated land.

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